What the heck is See You On The Moon

See You On The Moon is Kyla and Jess, two gals that were pals first, important business women second. Their friendship grew out of a love for nonsensical silliness (like drawing faces on faces, making dinner guests wear hats made of newspaper or throwing a claymation New Years party for an old man named Gene) and matured into See You On The Moon’s whimsical style. Because they are two different human beans, their histories are too - an art nerd with a background in Fine Arts and product development and an advertising project manager who sometimes wears a serious hat. We’ll let you guess which one's (a) witch. Together, (Forever), they taught themselves how to animate and use all the fancy programs to run a project from start to finish. They’re the same height. They're fun at parties, so invite them, though they may move some things around (like picture frames) and giggle when you finally notice.


Okay so who are Kyla & Jess

WELL, Kyla and Jess wrote bios about each other because writing about yourself is like going to the beach on a humid day covered in honey.

See You On The Moon Toronto Illustration

JESS, by Kyla
Jess has two black cats that she’s gently allergic to, so has no sense of smell (that’s love). She wears black and sometimes red and sometimes blue but mostly black. She doesn’t like comedies so won’t get your Michael Scott reference but will nonsense talk your socks off. She has good music taste but is also a proud One Direction enthusiast. She hates ginger. She loves chips. Her eyes are blue, her hair is blondish and straight, her nails are polished red sometimes. She has her father’s nose and her mother’s dancing genes. She’s sensitive and kind and clever and weird.

KYLA, by Jess
Kyla has a scar named Gary that looks like a smile. She is the inventor of the reverse wet willy (finger in ear, then in mouth) ew, think about it. She is very excellent at making inanimate object Halloween costumes, like a tree or knife. She has a backyard garden that she is very kind to, which is fitting because she is kind to humans too. Her Dad calls her sometimes and their conversations go like this: Jack "Do you know anybody named Tony?" Kyla: "Nope" Jack: "Neither do I, good day" Kyla: “Bye now”. She plays loads of instruments and has the voice of a fluffy baby bunny even when belting Jann Arden or Dixie Chicks. She is one of my best pals, and who doesn't wanna work with one of those?